Following the recent killing of George Floyd in America, subsequent Black Lives Matter protests and the release of a report into the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on Black people, a meeting with UWE Unison’s Black Members was arranged to discuss how these things had been affecting us over the past few weeks.

At the meeting we discussed how current events had brought up our own personal experiences of racism and micro-aggresions, the importance of having line managers able to recognise these issues and who are able to create safe spaces for us to have open and honest conversations needed, in which to effect real change.

Members enjoyed coming together and agreed that we would continue meeting regularly on a monthly basis, where we can celebrate our achievements and also discuss any matters impacting on us in the workplace.

If you identify as a Black member and you’re affected by these issues, UWE UNISON is here to support you, so please get in touch.

Christian Scott
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