If you are asked to volunteer to work after 20:00 in an evening or on a Saturday and/or Sunday you are entitled to different pay rates for those hours, even when this is part of your normal working week. This is enshrined in our terms and conditions of employment, detailed below:

The Administrative, Professional, Technical and Clerical (APTC) staff scheme of conditions (1975) (purple book) state that

For work on a Saturday or Sunday as part of the normal working week payment shall be at time and a half for all hours worked section 3, paragraph 34 (4)(a)(i)

For work at night as part of the normal working week payment shall be at time and a third for all hours worked between 8:00pm and 6:00 am. Section 3, paragraph 34 (4)(b)(i)

Many of the APTC staff terms and conditions of employment (t&c’s) were established  when Polytechnics were governed under the local authority by the national joint council for the local authorities’ administrative, professional, technical and clerical services, now known as the local government association. These terms and conditions were housed in a purple folder leading to the t&c’s being known as ‘purple book’.

If you are ever asked to relinquish or forgo any of your contracted rights, such as these pay rates, explain to your manager that you will need to consider their request and take advice from UNISON, then,  get in touch with your local representative as soon as possible.

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