All around us an ecocide of our planet is in motion impacting food security as well as health from increasingly extreme weather and conflict. We are also watching in real-time the modern era of genocides, as one currently manifests on our screens. The two are connected with the current destruction in Gaza, where there is the poisoning of land, air and water affecting generations to come. This is on top of the 40,000 dead, 70% of whom are children and women along with the countless injured with life-changing consequences.
On 8th May we discuss these topics with experts in the fields and consider the impact on current and future workers. Join us if you can either in-person in the engineering building, 3Z019 or online and share with your networks to be part of this conversation.
This event is supported by UWE UNISON, UWE UCU and UWE Friends of Palestine Society
Join our petition supported by multiple trade unions and student societies, calling on university management to support Palestinian students and oppose the destruction of all education sites in Gaza. 
Our speakers on the day are:

Dr Suwita Hani Randhawa is a Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations. Her research centres on the politics of international criminal law and she is currently undertaking a research project on “The Criminalization of Ecocide in Global Politics”, as part of a Vice-Chancellor’s Early Career Researcher Award. 

Dr. Martin Crook is a senior lecturer in sociology and his research centers on exploring the link between genocide and ecocide, What he calls ecologically induced genocide, showing how ecological destruction can constitute a technique of genocide given the territorially bounded nature of group life. Dr. Crook has developed a original political economic approach to understanding the drivers of both ecocide and genocide. 

Sadie Fulton is Policy and Campaigns Support Officer for the TUC in the South West region.  Sadie has been a committed trade unionist since first joining the workforce in 2011, unionising a call centre with the CWU before taking up employment with UNISON. Since then, she’s acquired a Master’s degree in Political Psychology from Bournemouth University. Sadie is passionate about workers’ empowerment and building networks of solidarity. 

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