Alice Smith, Branch Equality Coordinator

I am Alice, a Programme Support Officer for the Student Journey Programme and Web Transformation Project.  I am also UWE UNISON’s Equality Coordinator and a Workplace Steward and have previously been the branch’s Disabled Member’s Officer. I decided to become an active member of the branch as I am hugely passionate about equality, equity and intersectionality.  After some not so positive personal experiences in the workplace I was inspired to join the branch executive to help work to support others and ensuring that others in the workplace do not have a more negative staff experience due characteristics they happen to possess.

I have been actively involved at branch level, regionally and nationally and last year took the jump to speak at our National Delegate Conference to thousands of attendees!

Non work or UNISON facts about me: I am a big plant fan and have a slight obsession so often have to sneak new ones in to the house because I’m told I have enough already, I also love photography and having grown up in the country I just like being outside.

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