The HE employers have made a final pay offer of 1.5% for staff on all pay points 22 and above. HE staff on the lower pay points 3 to 21 have been offered increases on a sliding scale, between 3.6% and 1.54%. The lowest pay point equates to the Living Wage Foundation rate but only for those on a 35 hour week. This offer is from 1 August 2021.

The employers also made offers to work with the unions on tackling pay gender, ethnic and disability pay gaps, to set up working groups to address pay spine compression, career development, workload and the impact of COVID on working lives. You can read the pay offer in full on the link below.

The HE SGE met on 13 May and decided to reject the offer as it falls below the claim. The offer doesn’t address the pay lost in previous years, it doesn’t provide the living wage rates for those on a 36 or 37 hour contract and doesn’t meet the £10 per hour claim that the unions set out. The final offer also is silent on establishing a 35 hour week for all, on a Scottish sub-committee and on outsourcing.

The SGE decided to open an online consultation which will run from the week of 24 May. There will be further emails in the next few days providing details of this consultation – please look out for the updates. We want all members to have their say.

Final pay offer 2021/22
Christian Scott