UWE UNISON is supporting our student cohort at UWE Friends of Palestine Society and join the endorsement with many other UWE student and staff societies.

UWE UNISON encourages all staff, especially trade union members to sign the petition calling UWE management to:

1. Release a Statement Calling for a Ceasefire, Condemning Israeli War Crimes (including demolition of the education system) and Recognising Palestinian Rights:

2. Emphasise support for Palestinian Students: Implement support mechanisms for Palestinian students and others affected by the conflict.

3. Fundraising and Awareness Campaigns: support or organise fundraising and awareness campaigns to aid humanitarian efforts in Gaza

4. With reference to UWE’s responsible procurement ESG policy, the corporate ethics policy section 2.5, and following the ICJ ruling; We request that UWE Bristol and the Student Union end their Links with Companies Complicit in Israeli Apartheid and Colonialism.

5. We advocate for the establishment of an ethical investment and partnership policy that rigorously evaluates the human rights impact of our university’s associations.

The full text can be viewed at this link: https://1drv.ms/w/s!AiWY9bDxHBG_ipRvN4IABl31VUeaBw?e=MwpR6U

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