Dear members,

This is a brief update on the progress of our negotiation and joint work with UWE on the sanitary product campaign.

At the end of January 2024, we attended a meeting with representatives from the SU, Cleaning team and Equality Diversity & Inclusion team to discuss the continuation of our campaign. The discussion was on how UWE plans to continue with what we at UWE UNISON started last year and how committed they are to making sure it will be incorporated with the SU work and continued.  

The meeting concluded with positive plans going forward. We will coordinate with the SU and the cleaning team to ensure all the allocated areas we have been supporting will be on their list. We also need to be sure that the quality of the products is up to the standard UWE UNISON has been providing and that they all are from a sustainable source and environmentally friendly.

We haven’t been given a definite timescale when they will take over. To make sure our members are not left without access to these products, we will continue supplying them.

We would welcome any feedback on the locations, the quality of the products, and how we can make them more accessible.

Best wishes,

Nasim Dumont – Women’s Officer – UNISON- UWE Branch

SW Women Committee Coordinator

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