As this year’s elected UWE Unison’s Black Members officer, I’m attending the self-organised staff group meetings held by the ‘BME Forum’. This is a good opportunity to speak with me and for me to hear the views and concerns of UWE Black members. Please also feel free to contact me regarding what the union can do for you or for UWE UNISON Black members in general.

National Unison Higher Education Conference

I attended this earlier in the year where a couple of motions specifically related to Black members were discussed. This is the link to the conference and here you can find the two specific motions I’m referring to via the following links:

6. Pay and the Impact on Black Staff

21. The experience of Black people in Higher Education (HE) institution

Ideas for UWE Unison Black members to self-organise either regularly or via one-off opportunities.

I would like to hear from black members on activities or things I can do to support you – please let me know your preference(s)?:

  • Reading group on Black authors
  • Film showings
  • Get together in a park/café
  • Speaker events
  • Skills sharing sessions


Additional and alternative ideas you’d like to suggest can be sent to me directly or Comment and ‘Like’ preferences on UWE Unison’s Facebook page here

Relevant upcoming events:

Unison national Black LGBT members meeting – Friday 14 September 2018

For further details email

Phone: 020 7121 5799, Fax: 020 7121 5101,

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