Recent announcements from UWE management have been based on the sector situation. However, the individual circumstance of UWE is very different.

  • Since 2017/18 the number of staff at UWE earning over £100k has increased by 81%
  • Since 2018/19 staff pay as a proportion of University income has fallen by 9%
  • University of Bristol staff given one-off bonus of £1k in 2020 post Covid, with less financial surplus than UWE
  • Just 11 “Key Management Personnel” cost UWE over £1.5M to employ
  • UWE student numbers have increased from 31,281 in 18/19 to 38,830 in 21/22
  • Covid year fear about student numbers = staff 0% pay increase and UWE surplus increased by £21m in that year alone

With the recent publication of the 2022/2023 accounts, UWE UNISON will be scrutinising the numbers again and provide an updated analysis to come!

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