This is a call to action to our members, because if we do nothing, then nothing will change! 

On Tuesday 28th November, the UWE Board of Governors will be meeting in the afternoon on Frenchay campus in X block. UWE UNISON is organising a rally outside the building to ask the Governors to exert their influence and power, on the university’s management in addressing the issues raised in our 8-point plan, as a means of evidencing their valuing of UWE staff. 


Since our last communication to members at the end of September, UWE UNISON is still awaiting a date with UWE management to plan out the viability of a 35 hour week for staff. This would mean an increase in our hourly pay, including a similarly proportionate increase for staff who do not work full-time. 


Therefore, from 12:30pm on Tuesday 28th November we ask members to gather outside X block with one another for a peaceful rally and make our voice heard to the Governors and the senior management of UWE. It’s a party you’re all invited to! 

 Yours in solidarity, 

Tom Finn- UWE UNISON Chair

Tom Finn
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