With students arriving on campus, many staff are being asked to deliver instruction and demonstration ‘ on campus’ or to join a rota to deliver ‘on campus’ services. Glenside and blocks G-N Q &R at Frenchay are zoned for teaching & learning only. Rooms now have a maximum capacity to allow 2m distancing.

There will be a team of ambassadors around the campuses who will be advising people of the rules, they will also ask people to disperse where groups are congregating, they can then call for support from logistics colleagues and escalate to security where necessary. Please support these ambassadors in their role. Don’t ignore situations, call 222 or 0117 328 1222.

Remember that the most effective measures are good ventilation, keeping two meters distance and washing hands.

We’ve pulled together some of the changes that you will see and experience on campus along with advice for working spaces:

Hand sanitiser gel at every building entrance
Covid 19 Safe and Secure banner
NB. Frenchay B block level 2 entrance facing the bus stops is now entry only

Corridors & Stairs
Most staircases are now designated as up or down only
Keep left where possible
NB. Where possible take routes around the outside of buildings

Classrooms, labs etc.
Sanitisation wipes for cleaning lectern, desks, chairs, computer equipment before and after use
Ventilation – open windows to allow a flow of fresh air
Do not exceed the room capacity

Front facing services
Clear plastic screens fitted to counters/desk
Clear plastic face shields are available (you can also wear your own face mask too)
2m queuing in place
Open doors or windows to allow a flow of fresh air

One to one services
2m distance should be maintained
antiviral spray and blue roll or sanitisation wipes will be provided for wiping down after an appointment and the cleaning desk & computer equipment at the start and end of your use of the room
clear plastic face shields are available (you can also wear your own face mask too)
Open windows to allow a flow of fresh air
Do not exceed room capacity

Sanitisation wipes for cleaning desks, chairs, computer equipment, printers and photocopiers before and after use
Open windows to allow a flow of fresh air

Antiviral spray and blue roll for cleaning microwave, kettle, cupboard door handles before and after use

Hand sanitiser gel outside of toilets to re-gel after opening the doors
There will be a block of toilets allocated to your workspace

Single occupancy
Hand sanitiser gel in the area of lift entrances
Only use a lift if absolutely necessary

Food outlets
If you need to use a food outlet on campus, please try to use the one nearest to your location, there will be additional outside catering available at all campuses
You will need to scan the QR code to the NHS app or complete a ‘your details’ form before entering

General rules that apply to all of the above
Keep two meters distance – this has been a requirement in all spaces, where this isn’t possible a risk assessment will have been undertaken
Keep left (where possible)
Wear a face covering where possible,  unless sitting at your desk or eating and drinking

If you have any queries or concerns, contact your local Steward or Health & Safety Rep or email unison@uwe.ac.uk.


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