Who We Are

UWE UNISON is the University of the West of England’s local branch of the national UNISON with its own executive committee elected directly by its members to work towards improving their pay and working conditions.

Staff usually join a union because they want protection at work such as help with pay and conditions of service, legal or health and safety advice or representation in case things go wrong at work. That’s what we’re here for. UNISON negotiates on pay and working conditions at every level – local, regional and national. But we also do a lot more. Being a UNISON member gives you a range of benefits and unbeatable deals.

What UNISON does

UWE UNISON has signed a recognition agreement with the university management  which enables it  to negotiate and act on behalf of its members about issues that affect your work. These include health and safety, pension, pay equality, child care, car parking, transport and any many other issues.

Our elected and fully trained union stewards are there to represent you at work and help find the answers to your problems. UNISON stewards are all volunteers and play a vital role in conducting the affairs of the branch. Because all branch stewards and officers are elected members of staff at UWE Bristol, they have daily contact with the management and have a good insight into the structure and workings of the organisation.  If members have an employment issue, they raise it with their stewards first who take the appropriate action to resolve it.

What we believe in

We believe that no one can represent your interests better than yourself. Therefore empowering you to stand up and be counted is at the heart of our philosophy. We realise that to achieve this, members need the support of a solid and democratic organisation which shares similar interests as its individual members and can provide the best advice and support.

The branch itself fully supported by the regional and national UNISON which is a powerful voice for working people. In the workplace, through its campaigning work, and in its input into to decision-making at national level, UNISON expresses the democratically agreed views of its members.

These views are agreed at UNISON’s annual delegate conference, which brings together more than 2,000 representatives for four days every summer.


Branch Chair Carol Meghji
Branch Secretary  Christian Scott
Vice-Chair Dave Pomroy
Treasurer Robert Prince
Black Member’s Officer Leyhana McCarthy
Communication Officer David Ashby-Styles
Disabled Member’s Officer Jo Reed
Education Co-ordinator Liza McCarron
Environmental Officer Steve Regester
Equality Co-ordinator Alice Smith
Health and Safety Officer Rebecca O’Regan
International Relations Officer Dave Pomroy
Labour Link Officer Will Gibbs
LGBT+ Members Officer Dan Heland and Tamsila Tauqir
Membership Officer Daisy Moss
Minutes Secretary Rhiannon Davies
Retired Members Secretary Helen Hopwood
Welfare Officer Matthew MacLeod
Women’s Officer Nasim Dumont-Namin
Young Member’s Officer Thomas Layton
Union Learning Rep Carol Meghji
Auditors Dunkley’s

UNISON has 1,200 branches in the UK. A branch is made up of all its members. Some members are elected by their workforce to play different roles, including:

Branch Chair: 

Facilitates Branch and committee meetings (some are also senior negotiators).

Assistant Branch Chair: 

Assists the Branch Chair in branch and committee meetings.

Branch Secretary: 

The main contact person with the wider union who handles Branch administration.

Branch Treasurer:

Responsible for managing Branch finances, including keeping accounts.

Communications Officer:

Co-ordinates Branch newsletters, websites and other media and leads the Campaign and Communications group

Education Co-ordinator:

Helps arrange training courses and education programmes for members, stewards, health and safety reps and Branch officers.

 Equalities Co-ordinator: 

Works on equal rights issues including sex, race, disability and lesbian, gay and trans issues. Co-ordinates the work of the Self Organised Group officers.

Health & Safety Officer: 

Campaigns around Health & Safety issues for the Branch

Membership Officer: 

Keeps track of the branch’s membership and works to develop recruitment and organising.

Young Members Officer: 

Advises and helps recruit young members while ensuring their voices have an influence across the Branch.


Constituency Stewards Health & Safety Representatives
Constituency 01a (Strategic Communications and Marketing)    Rebecca O’Regan
Constituency 01b (Future Students) Dave Pomroy  
Constituency 02a (Student and Academic Services – Information and Advice) Matt Dunn  
Lynn Marsh
Constituency 02b (Student and Academic Services – Student Administration) Will Gibbs Jane Parsons
Constituency 02c (Student and Academic Services – Disability, Money, Wellbeing) Maxine Maybery   
Constituency 02d (Student and Academic Services – CETTS, Quality, Curriculum, PPO) Andy Elson Dave Ashby-Styles
Constituency 03a (Facilities- Estates)   Conrad Fullbrook
Constituency 03b (Facilities)    
Constituency 04 (Finance and Commercial Services)    
Constituency 05a (IT Services – Botetorte House, Emmersons Green)  Gill Crowley  Warren Greenslade
Constituency 05b (IT Services – Frenchay, Glenside, Bower Ashton)  
Constituency 06a (Library, Careers and Inclusivity – Library)  Rae Martin  
Constituency 06b (Library, Careers and Inclusivity – Careers and Inclusivity) Tom Finn  
Constituency 07 (Research and Business Innovation)    
Constituency 08 (HR, SPO, VCO) Alice Smith Steve Hull
Constituency 09a (Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries & Education – ACE)   Barney Curtis
David Satenstien 
Constituency 09b (Faculty of Environment & Technology – FET) Steve Regester Will Hadrill
Constituency 09c (Faculty of Health & Life Sciences – HLS) Rob Prince Marcus Pugh
Constituency 10 (Students Union)    


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